1st Degree Reiki Courses #01


What sort of people study reiki?

Well, the answer to that is almost everyone! Reiki courses many include people who are teachers, members of the medical profession, truck drivers, members of the catering profession, bank staff, retail staff, the retired, university students, mothers, gardeners and so on. Everyone who attends a Reiki course shares a common interest – they want to know more about Reiki and often they want to have the ability to work on themselves and/or others. Perhaps you are like me, when I originally began to study Reiki, I wanted to feel better connected to the earth and all that was in it. I wanted to stop rushing from A to B only to repeat the same process the following day. Reiki has the potential to change you in so many ways. You have been drawn to Reiki for a reason, don’t you think it is about time you gave yourself this gift you very much deserve?

This Course takes approximately 16 hours to complete. There are a maximum number of 6 people on each course so that all who attend can gain maximum benefit. As soon as we receive your deposit the course material will be sent to you so that you have time to read through it and practice some of the energy exercises before the day of the course. A certificate is provided at the end of the course.

The course material contains:
A 170 page manual

Many courses do not provide the course material until the actual day of the course. We want you to enjoy your learning experience with us. We provide the material in advance so that you can become familiar with it in your own time and at your own pace.

What information is contained in the manual?

•The manual contains information regarding the history of reiki and how it developed.
•A description of the energy reiki practitioners work with.
•Information regarding the short and long term effects of reiki
•Mikao Usui’s precepts and mindfulness
•Energy exercises.
•Daily energy exercises including Kenyoku and Joshin Kokkyu Ho
•Information on how to work on yourself by carrying out regular self-treatments.
•Working on other people including scanning and how to feel the energy field.

And much more!!

What do we do on the actual day of the course?

The morning focuses on introducing you to your own energy and other peoples’. In the afternoon we work on each other, giving and receiving reiki treatments. During the day, I will carry out 4 first degree reiki attunements on each person attending the course so that each person is fully connected to reiki permanently. More information will be provided in the form of a letter, which will be sent to you after you have paid your deposit, along with the manual and the CD.

What time does the course start?

The course starts at 0930. Please try to get there at around 0915 so that you have time to settle in. We will have a short break in the morning. Lunch is from 1300 hours until 1330 hours. The course will end around 1530 hours. I look forward to meeting you on the day!!

Book now: course fee 155.00 (deposit 60.00)

On receipt of payment of your deposit, you will be sent the course material along with directions to the venue. On completion of your course you will be given you course certificate .I look forward to seeing you soon.

Here are the Reiki 1st Degree course dates:


1st November 2014

Please look at the venue page of this website. All courses are held at Jane's Health Foods in Ashby De La Zouch.

As a sufferer of a rare form of muscular dystrophy, I have been receiving reiki treatments to relieve aches, pains and cramps in my legs for over a year now. I must admit, at first I was sceptical about how effective Reiki could be, but after the first session with Marion I was a true believer. I cannot describe the difference this has made to the quality of my life. I have since completed my Reiki first degree course with Marion and following my attunement, I find I can treat myself now, taking away the ache in my legs I feel at night. -- K, Swadlincote

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